Rules & Safety

Event Rules and Terms and Conditions

The Waiheke Wharf 2 Wharf committee places your Health & Safety as our number one priority. As part of our detailed Health & Safety Plan we must ensure that it is clear that during any period in which you are at the Event Venue or on the Event Course, YOU (and any family or friends that have accompanied you to the event) must comply with the following rules and terms and conditions.

Kauri Dieback

At Wharf2Wharf we are passionate about preventing the spread of Kauri Dieback. We are fortunate that no Kauri Dieback (KDB) has yet been detected on Waiheke – in fact Waiheke is one of the last places in New Zealand containing kauri that has no confirmed Kauri Dieback infections. We intend to keep Waiheke non-infected. The disease that attacks the kauri is incurable, is easily transmitted and once on the island it cannot be removed and can remain dormant and viable for up to 10 years. For more information on Kauri Dieback, please visit the website

Three Important must read and must do’s for all participants of the 2024 Wharf2Wharf event:

    We ask all entrants to clean their footwear and gear with soapy water at home prior to your departure to the event. Participants are required to have clean soil free shoes and gear prior to reaching the ferry terminal in Auckland and or the respective start lines on Waiheke Island.
    At pre event registration participants must be able to show that their equipment and footwear is completely soil free prior to being able to collect their event race number.
    Participants are required to use the cleaning stations on the event courses. These will be mandatory to cross over pre and post the Atawai Whenua Track close to Matiatia Reserve on all event courses. Volunteers will be at these locations to assist.
    We appreciate your support with helping the Kauri Trees on Waiheke!

All Roads Are Open: The event courses are on public roads and ALL roads are open to normal traffic throughout the race. All New Zealand Road Rules apply. Be sure to check for cars, before crossing any roads on the course. Competitors are individually responsible for following traffic laws and the consequences of any breaches of the law.

Your Event Course and Marshals: Competitors must stay on the approved course for their event, keep to the left and stay within coned areas (where provided) at all times. It is your responsibility to know the course. Links to maps are available on the website. The course will be well marked and controlled. Marshals’ instructions must be obeyed at all times. Please remember that the Wharf2Wharf team is made up of volunteers who give their time freely to making this a fun event, so if a Course Marshall directs you – thank them with a smile! Please be aware marshals DO NOT have authority to stop any vehicle.

Medical. If another competitor is in distress immediately offer assistance and inform the nearest marshal or race official. Please report any accidents or incidents to a marshal or race official as soon as possible. A mobile doctor will be available on the event courses. Medical emergencies will be handled by St John. First aid will be available within the finish area.

Age Restrictions: All competitors under the age of 16 must have the consent of their parent or legal guardian to compete. The course for the 25K events is tough and hilly. Entrants in the 25K event MUST be aged 16 years of age or older in order to register. Entrants in the 12km event must be aged 12 years of age or older in order to register. Children aged 12 & under who enter the 5K event or the Kids Dash must be accompanied by an adult for the entire course.

Course Cut-Offs. The Matiatia Finish Line will close at 2:15PM. Any participants who have not finished by this time, and remain on the course, will be escorted back to Matiatia by a crew member for their safety and well-being. No finish time will be awarded.

25km Walkers: If you enter as a WALKER in the 25km event you may NOT RUN. Marshals will note ALL walkers who run and you will be disqualified. The Race Director will also consider complaints from other competitors alleging walkers have run part of the course. If you enter as a runner, you may walk all or part of the course.

Preparation. Please ensure you are physically fit and healthy to complete your chosen event and distance. If you are unsure please seek advice from a medical professional.

Race Day Attire: For ALL EVENTS – race numbers MUST be worn on front of singlet/top and must be clearly visible throughout the event. Please ensure you have suitable clothing for the weather conditions on event day. Footwear must be worn. No bare torsos.

What not to bring: For the safety of all competitors, and due to the nature of the terrain, no strollers, dogs or spectators on bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, hover boards, horses etc. are allowed to accompany competitors on the courses. Please leave your dogs at home. If you must bring them, ensure that they are on a leash at all times.

Hydration. Please keep yourself hydrated at all times pre event and during the event. Water stations are provided every 2 to 3 Km.

Alcohol: For your own, and everyone else’s safety, alcohol is banned from all courses. Police will be notified if competitors are seen to be carrying or consuming alcohol on any event course.

Withdrawals during the event: If you feel unwell or unfit to complete the event we strongly advise you to withdraw immediately and seek assistance or professional advice and advise the nearest marshal. If a competitor withdraws during the event it is their responsibility to notify a race marshal. The medical team shall have the final authority to remove a competitor from the event if deemed necessary.

Be polite: Please give-way to other competitors, pedestrians and the general public. You are sharing the area with these people.

Spectators: No spectators or supporters are to follow competitors in vehicles at any stage of the event. You can meet all finishers at Matiatia

All entrants will be asked to sign the Event Waiver

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